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Frequently Asked Questions about keeping turtles (please read all the FAQ before calling or emailing me):

What do I have to do to get a turtle?
First, get a Native Animal Keepers License online here. There is no test, just pay your money. While you have your license and the your tank is set up, give me a call and arrange a time to come over. (Note I work from home, this is not a shop). I'll run through everything you need to know and give you a caresheet. If you can bring a picture of your tank setup I will be able to check it over and give you some feedback. I'll also supply a suitable container to take the turtle home in. Please note I cannot tolerate badly behaved children, do not bring any here. Well behaved kids are no problem.

Do you have any of those penny turtles that stay small?
No, there is no such thing, all turtles grow and can end up 15cm or more in shell length.

Do you have any of those land based tortoises?
No, they are not native to Australia, so forget about that idea, you can't keep them (even if somehow you do find one) unless you have a zoo license.

Can you sell me a turtle without a license?
No, sorry I can't, see here for more info on licenses.

What do I need as far as a tank setup?
See the lower half of the home page here.

What should I feed them?
Read the Turtle Care Info page.

Where are you located?
I work from home in Valley Heights (lower Blue Mountains near Sydney).

Can I bring you a turtle I found crossing the road?
No, I re-home unwanted pet turtles, but I can't take a turtle you rescued as it was trying to cross the road. Note it's illegal to take wild turtles (or other animals) from the wild. It is best returned to the area where it was found. There's probably a creek or dam nearby that it was heading to. If this is not possible, or you suspect it could be an escaped pet (eg if you found it in the middle of suburbia) or if the turtle is injured, phone either Sydney Wildlife on 9413 4300 or WIRES on 8977 3333 for advice.

Can I get a hatchling to go with my current turtle, I think he is lonely?
Turtles don't get "lonely" and can exist on their own. They will however be more confident with another, as there is safety in numbers. That doesn't mean you should put a baby in with a bigger turtle, this could cause stress to the smaller one, and there would be a risk of injury to the smaller one, especially at feed time. Therefore if you want two turtles, it is best to buy two similar sized turtles from the start.

Should I get a Murray River Short Neck or an Eastern Long Neck?
These two species are the most commonly kept species in NSW. As well as it being a matter of availability at the time, it basically comes down to which one you like the look of. However, another very important consideration is the size that the turtle will grow to. The Murray River turtle will grow quicker and end up bigger than an Eastern Long Neck. Therefore if you only have a 3' tank, I would recommend one only Murray River turtle. Two Murray River turtles will be ok in a 3' tank if you are prepared to upgrade to a bigger tank later. Obviously you will get longer usage from a 3' tank if you put two Eastern Long Necks in it. Regardless of the species, bigger is always better with turtle tanks.

I'm thinking of putting a turtle pond in my backyard / setting up an indoor tank, can I come and see you?
Please be aware that Turtle Town is not a shop or a tourist attraction, I am a hobbyist working from home, and whilst I am happy to share information via this website and answer email or phone enquiries, I am sorry but I don't have the time to personally see everyone "thinking about getting a turtle". That is why I made this website, all the info you need is here.

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Whilst I am happy to share information via this website, please note Turtle Town is not a shop, nor a tourist attraction, it is my backyard hobby, ie my home, and therefore not open to the public.

Please note, I am not qualified to give veterinarian advice. Before you phone me with any questions please read the Turtle Care Info page and the information above, your questions will probably be answered there. This page is also recommended reading if you are considering keeping a turtle as a pet.

For enquiries contact Shane on 0404 463446 (please don't text) or email