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The Residents

Meet just some of the residents past and present: they may have been injured, rescued, rehabilitated, rejected, outgrown their tanks or just no longer wanted. For the latest arrivals, see the Facebook page.

Shelly is a lovely old girl now enjoying the great outdoors, thanks Alice. Herbert had been in a tank his whole life and his shell had multiple layers of unshed scutes. Now he's out in the sunshine, he looks greatly improved than the picture above. Thanks Ron for leaving him here.
Thanks Kylie for sending Turty all the way from Canberra. Thank you to Jarrad who very kindly donated his two turtles Ridge and Cooper (pictured temporarily in a tank), as well as two tanks and all the accessories, that was very kind of you and much appreciated.
Spike (female Eastern Long Neck) spent her first 13 years in a tank, now happy in a pond, thanks Peter. Nice old female Eastern Long Neck from Heidi, thanks.
Juvenile Eastern Long Neck named Matilda, thanks Lisa. Thanks Richard and family for the Shellshocked the Saw Shell and Lily the Murray River.
Cecil is 10 years old and had been living in a tank. When it's springtime he'll be outside. Thanks Danielle, and for the tank set up also. Two juveniles named Letsme and Ferdilands, given by Jim and Letitia and the kids, many thanks, also for the tank accessories.
Tommy is 10 years old and had never seen another turtle until his arrival at Turtle Town. Thanks Christian. Two juvenile Eastern Long Necks flown down from QLD. Thanks Kirrily.
Selwyn (above) and Michaelangelo (not pictured) are 2 big male Murray River turtles donated by Clare. Pumpkin, a cute and friendly long neck needed a new home, thanks Angela
Stampy, a long neck with unusual dark coloured plastron has been happily re-homed, thanks Daniel Sonia, donated by Rachel
Thought to be a male and named John, I now call her Joan, thanks Kristen 6 long neck turtles had to find a new home, thanks Sue
Thanks Candice for the very big Murray River turtle Male Macleay River male, thanks Jean
Shelly (female) and Squirtles (male) Kreffts turtles used to be in a tank, thanks Damien Fluffy the long neck also used to be in a tank, thanks Damien
Megs donated by Ghil, thanks. Two long necks formerly in a tank, Shelley and Webster, donated by Angelo.
3 juveniles were in Brad's tank....Pooky the Eastern Long Neck, Murray the Murray River Short Neck and Sam the Sawshell about to enter the pond. Archilles' and Squirt's former owner Sebastian wisely thought that they would prefer their new pond to the confines of a tank.
Alison's turtle Bubbles (male) was also in a tank on his own, he now has girlfriends in a spacious pond. Archie's owner Josh had to go overseas and needed to find a good home for his turtle.
Big Ralph (actually a female) is a 6 year old Murray River turtle that had been alone in a 4' tank. She now has about 40 times as much water to swim in and plenty of companions. Two unnamed short neck turtles outgrew their tank and were donated by Katherine.
Thanks to Jessica and her partner who went overseas and left Bob the Long Neck in my care. Squirt and Crush were given to me by Melinda, Josh, Kasey and Bailey when they outgrew their tank. Placed in my 6' tank for the winter, they are now living permanently in an outdoor pond.
Donna and Leah were becoming bored and destructive in their tank, they are now happier in a pond. Thanks to Carolin and Makayla. These two Eastern Long Necks were subject to some law enforcement investigations and were won by ballott through the DECC. Most likely they were kept indoors before due to their pale grey skin, they have since become noticeably darker.
This is Doris (above and right). Despite the name, this is a male, Murray River Short Neck turtle, 21cm long, about 10 years old and noticeably carrying a lot of fat. Previously he had been living alone in a tank. Unfortunately despite his new lease on life, some months after his relocation, he required surgery for a prolapsed penis. Although the surgery was successful, he died a couple of weeks later. A post mortem revealed inconsistencies in his intestines that was probably indicative of cancer. RIP Doris.
This is Lucky, an Eastern Long Neck. As you can see he had a bad accident, with his shell being severely damaged. He was expertly repaired and rehabilitated. Deemed un-releasable back into the wild, he was placed into the care of Turtle Town.
This cute guy is Elliot, a Murray River Short Neck. By the age of 2 he had already reached a length of 25cm and was living in a 6 foot tank with two others. His tank-mates, named Yogi and Jaz, both 1 year old females, were also oversized for their age at about 22cm long. All three turtles were given to Turtle Town so they would have a more spacious, outdoors environment. Kylie, their old owner would be pleased to know that the three of them choose to still stick together!
Left: This is Ubi, she is a female juvenile Murray River Short Neck turtle, about 10.5cm. She was given to Turtle Town due to her very aggressive feeding compared to her tank-mate. One of them had to go...(a common story) Right: Hunter is a male (note long tail) Hunter River Turtle.
Tater, Rocky and Pinky are 3 two year old Kreftt's Turtles that outgrew their tank. Thanks Chris! 6 of the 8 long necks given to Turtle Town by Brad who was no longer able to keep them. Thanks Brad, they are all going well!
Left: Chewtoy, male 8yo long neck was mangled many years ago by a dog, and since been used as an example by Sydney Wildlife of what can be achieved with expert rehabilitation. He is now retired at Turtle Town. Right: Squirt is a 2yo male Murray River turtle sold by me 15 months prior. He was given back after growing too big for his tank, thanks Hayden.
Mimi and Toot are two very tame Murray River turtles given up by Kim and family. They settled in really well in their new residence. Cute and curious creatures.
Turtles basking in the sun.  
  Probably a Clarence River turtle, he was a rescue.

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